How The Project Heals

Spiritual activities that invoke positive energy are able to heal any form of downfalls, including those committed knowingly or ignorantly in the three times (past, present and future):

The 15-meter Vajra Wheel will contain ONE BILLION COPIES of hundred-syllable (Vajrasattva) mantra. Every mantra has specific power and blessing. This particular mantra has the strong blessing to repair or to heal the effects of wrongdoings. This is the reason why His Holiness calls it "Vajra Wheel". Vajra is a Sanskrit word, meaning "Diamond" or "Thunderbolt", that bears the symbolic nature of a diamond (it can cut any substance but not be cut itself) and that of the thunderbolt (irresistible force).

Traditionally and commonly, a prayer wheel is consecrated with the Mani mantra or OM MANI PADME HUNG; very rarely a prayer wheel consecrated with the hundred-syllable mantra is found. It is believed that by spinning a prayer wheel once, if it contains a hundred mantra, one will receive the benefit and effect of reciting a hundred mantra. So the more copies of mantra a prayer wheel can contain, the more the benefit.

Purification is the key process of healing. By "detoxicating" our impurities in the body, speech and mind and our negative karma that we have accumulated since beginningless time, we are able to heal our inner self as well as the external conditions that we live in. So this kind of practice brings about individual healing, and jointly by way of collective practice and of dedicating our merit accumulated through purification, collective healing can be effected.

The Vajra Wheel containing the One Billion copies of hundred-syllable mantra has the following specific benefits: