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Aamir dons role of ambassador

30 September 2010, The Times of India

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Expressing his views on his new role, the actor stated, "I am delighted to accept this role to help support such a major global project. Live to Love has already made a huge impact and helped hundreds of people around the world. I am looking forward to making a difference." Aamir's new role was announced recently at the Royal Society, London.

The Drukpa lineage has been working at imparting education in the most challenging situations like at Druk Padma School, which is located in the remote Himalayan region between Pakistan and China in northern India.

The school's mission is to provide an effective modern education while maintaining traditional values and cultures. It has won numerous awards including World Architecture Awards for best green building, best education building and best building in Asia. The school came to limelight after Bollywood super hit '3 Idiots' in which the hero, Rancho (Aamir Khan), disappears to Ladakh, dreams up inventions and creates a 'special school'.

The school was badly affected due to the cloudburst in the mountainous region on August 6. Aamir had visited it on August 18 to take stock of the situation and give aid for its restoration. He also interacted with the students who were in a state of shock following the disaster. Aamir had not disclosed the exact amount donated by him to the school, but assured to pay as per his capability.


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